It’s Only the Beginning

The day I woke up and finally told myself “enough is enough”. I’m tired of having this feeling that I’m just kind of floating by in life. Time to live this life to the fullest and push myself completely out of my comfort zone. Time to put it all on the line and push myself to be the very best version of me that I can be. Not only for my own happiness and benefits, but more importantly… for my family.

Things that I find of great importance are family, eating right, fitness, providing for your family, feeling beautiful in your own skin, and success.

I put my family first, always! However, I fall short of always eating “right”, fail at staying on top of working out, and (though I always make ends meet) I fail to push myself for greatness. Most of all I have an awful habit of putting myself down…. No More!

Finally something clicked for me… I want more! No, I need more! I want to give my kiddos more! I want to feel a greater sense of fulfillment. Now to turn that want and desire for greatness into reality… but how to do so?!

I am realistic and know that change doesn’t just happen over night and after many many many failed attempts in my short 29 years, I know that it takes a lot of work and discipline. But, you have to start somewhere right?!

Growing up whenever asked “what do you want to be when you grow up?” I’d reply, “a mom”. I wanted all of the old school traditions of being a stay at home mom. Well now being a mother of two (and still wanting more) in this day and age I must still be able to provide financially as well. Waitressing at night seemed to be the only thing that I could do to both provide and still be at home with my babies all day. So I had my kiddos all day and worked all night. Sometimes not getting off work until 2 am, just to have the kids dropped off between 3-5 am. After a few years of that I had grown exhausted and sleep deprived, as most mommies are, I wanted a change. No, I needed a change! I started a doggie daycare business for home and while its been working out great, I still want more. While waitressing I was offered many sales jobs and I have always had that stored in the back of my mind. I want to continue to make my own hours… so maybe direct sales? Now the job was to find a company I believed in…

Having lived in 6 states and gone to over 10 schools growing up I have often been told that I should write about my life… I always thought that to be silly. Who’d want to read about what I have to say? Then I realized it’s not about anyone else… it’s for me. I am (embarrassing as it is) HIGH anxiety and have found a sense of comfort in writing. It’s also a way to hold myself accountable on goals I set for myself… So why not push myself a little more and start a blog?

Well here goes nothing…. Welcome to my blog! Here I will unwind and document life’s joys, peek into the past, talk about family, adventures, products I love… most importantly, Ill be posting about eating and cooking healthier for my family, staying on top fitness, and succeeding in my business ventures.

Wish Me Luck!!

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