What motivates you?! For me, my main motivation comes from my childern. Yes, I know, every mom says the same. But, it couldn’t be more true!

For me growing up I didn’t know my father, and we moved almost every year. Sometimes even a few times a year. My mom almost always struggled, but I never for a moment doubted that she wasn’t doing her absolute best to provide for us. Doing so meant that she often missed a lot, and I often felt as if to be a burden above all else. Although all of the moves were tough at the time (in fact I hated it!) I know that each move and each new school helped shape me into the woman that I am today. No I’m not even CLOSE where I want to be. In fact, I’m barely dipping my toes into the water of who I hope to become. Each move humbled me in a sense. They taught me that less really is more. They taught me the difference between a friend and an acquaintance, among many other things.

I was a very shy girl until about 8th grade. Every time that I made friends it seemed as though we were packing our bags again. I found it easier to sit back and observe. Wishing my mom and I could plant roots somewhere like most of the other kids. On the other hand I met so many amazing people coming from all walks of life. Yet something always remained the same… I wanted roots of my own, more importantly I wanted stability.

Now having two kids of my own all I want is to give them roots of their own. The big question is… How?! We will work on that more later. Bottom line is that my two sweet kiddos are my biggest motivation to succeed in life. It is my job to give them the best possible shot in life.

Of course I want great things for myself as well, but there is absolutely no feeling more fulfilling than when I am able to put a smile on their faces.

My Motivation

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