Extra Time on Your Hands?

So somehow you wind up with and extra hour or two on your hands… what do you do with your free time?

For me my absolute go to would be to take a hot bath!

First of course (no matter how clean) one must rinse the tub to get her nice and squeaky clean… Get the water flowing… Light a couple candles… Poor in the bath salts, baby oil, oh and you can’t forget the bubbles! I don’t know if it just a mom thing or what, but there’s something about the silence with the faint sound of the bubbles popping while a candle burns… ahhhh so relaxing!

Since joining Farmasi, I’ve gotten to add another step to my baths… Dr. C. Tuna – Lavender Dreams Room Mist. Delightfully calming spray that I now “must” have to my routine.


I also like to grab something to do to help keep my mind off things… I either grab the recent picture I’m coloring, a book I’m trying to convince myself to read, a notebook to doodle and write in, or play some silly game on my phone…

For me it’s kind of like the feeling I get after a workout… centered with myself, more calm and relaxed. I think it’s so important, no matter how hectic our schedules can get, to take time for yourself everyday. Even if it’s just a few moments to catch a breath and have a moment of silence… or time to blast your favorite song… whatever it may be to just reconnect with yourself.

What’s your way to unwind and relax?


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