The Best Days are Unplanned Ones

The sand may brush off.

The salt may wash away.

The tans may fade.

But the memories will last forever.

The four of us are total water babies and we love love love LOVE the beach, so we decided to have our first real trip with the kids to Coronado Island, California. This is one of our favorite places to go. We stayed at The El Cordova Hotel. I highly recommend staying here! We were walking distance from the beach, which was our main concern when planning this trip. Our room was a suite and right upstairs from the Mexican restaurant, which was also very delicious and we ended up eating here at least once all 4 days of our stay!

On our last day we were planning on just heading home after breakfast. While we were eating the kids kept bringing up the beach and talking about how badly they wanted to go back. So, we decided we might as well say goodbye one more time before we headed home.

A family had told us the day before about Silver Strand Beach and we decided to head that way. It was so peaceful and quite, there were only a few other people on the beach so we pretty much had it to ourselves. Though we did not stay long, it was the perfect goodbye, and the kids were thrilled that they found so many shells.

As we got back in the car to head home we decided to drive past the USS Midway Aircraft Carrier. Our son, David 5 years old, absolutely loves anything to do with the military and its aircrafts, ships, tanks… all of it. He is all about it!

As we got closer we decided to park and have lunch. Lunch quickly turned into touring the ship…. what a great choice this was!

We all had such a good time! There was so much to see and do. I have never seen the kids so excited and so eager to learn! It was amazing being able to go inside of the ship, along with all of the aircrafts aboard, to play with all of the gadgets and see all of the controls.

The kiddos got their maps and we were off! They loved leading the way and showing us where to go next.

Fill your life with adventures, not things. Have stories to tell, not stuff to show.

I mean look at these faces!

So much to see and the tour took way longer than expected, but totally worth it! Now months later, the kids still talk about how cool this day was for them.

Focus on the journey not the destination

At the end of the tour the kids received their Junior Pilot Wings. Such a special moment for them.

Of course my hunnie and I had to get a picture next to this Unconditional Surrender monumental statue.

Ending our 5th day in California, we decided to stay just one more night. We walked down to the trolley after a yummy dinner at Coronado Brewing Company followed with ice cream, cream of course.

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