Verrado Stairs

Also known as the Victory Staircase. Located in Buckeye, Arizona

At first we were worried about the stairs being too much for the kids, but upon our arrival we were pleased by their excitement. They of course had to get a picture by the tractor at the bottom. 🙂

We started our climb on Sunday morning. The climb starts with over 300 recycled railroad ties. You can stop there or you can continue your climb on the trail leading further up and looping around parts of the White Tank Mountain range.

Leave the Road, Take the Trails

We thought the kiddos would definitely be exhausted once reaching the top of the stairs…. nope, they wanted to go further.

And further we went. The excitement only seemed to grow. One of our favorite things to do is explore together.

The View is Always Worth the Climb

“It’s Wonderous how the Wild Calms a Child”

Just another one of the many reasons why I love this man. He is always taking us on adventures, teaching the kids new things, and doing so with the most amazing amount of patience.

Our adventure didn’t stop with our hike… we decided that it was just too beautiful of a day and headed out for a bike ride.

We almost always stop at one of the many parks near us.

I think their smiles show just how much they enjoy these times that we share together.

We will always be big kids at heart.


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