Who Would’ve Thought

Growing up my mom always had a huge interest in motorcycles. Not just any ole kind of motorcycle, she loved (and still loves) Harley Davidson. I couldn’t wrap my head around it. All I could see was the danger, the risk. I thought it was silly, and quite frankly… I thought it was dumb.

Oh how small my mind was.

About a year ago I found myself on the back of my hunnie’s bike and guess who was riding infront of us? My mom and stepdad! We have been on a handful of rides with them, but there was something different on this day. On this day it clicked for me, I understood my mom on another level. I understood her fascination!

There is this amazing feeling being on the back of the bike… hard to explain until you feel it for yourself.

It’s freeing!

Riding on the back of my hunnie’s bike pulls us closer after each ride. The thrill of the ride, the excitement of the adventure we are about the endure together. I hold on tight during the moments I find fear overcoming me. I still get butterflies each time he randomly reaches back to rub my leg. Nothing but the road ahead of us and the wind against our bodies.

Dont even get me started on the views… While driving in a car you may notice some pretty scenes out the window, but on the back of the bike you are in direct contact with those views. The colors in the sky and ever changing clouds, the peaks of the mountains, the smells constantly changing, the vivdness of each form of vegetain that we pass. It’s incredible. On the bike you are no longer just gazing out a window, you become apart of the beauty around you. You are free in that moment and nothing else seems to matter.

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