Gender Reveal

The day finally arrived… time to find out what baby number three is!!

This of course is my favorite trip to the doctor during pregnancy. Not only do you get to find out what your little peanut will be, but you get to make sure that he/she is measuring up and looking healthy, which all in all is the most important!

I have been blessed with one boy and one girl. Both of which I couldn’t bare to wait to do a gender reveal. I had to know immediately. Clearly I have no patience. This being my third I wanted it to be special in its own way and decided a gender reveal would be so much fun! Now how to do it?!

The ultrasound tech was awesome and made sure I didn’t get any sneak peaks during the ultrasound. When she handed me the magic envelope I could barely control the urge to rip it open immediately. Given these crazy times with Covid-19 the father was unfortunately not allowed to join. This is Anthony’s first baby, and absolutely killed him not to be present. Making the gender reveal even more special!

Now we thought of a few different ideas on how to do the reveal but we really wanted the kiddos to be involved. They are beyond excited to have a baby brother or sister! Scrolling through Pinterest (source I get most of my inspiration from) we explored different options. Then I saw a post with water guns. We always have nerf gun wars and water gun fights so this couldn’t be better/ more exciting way to get the kids involved too!

We all put on white, headed to my parents, and had a dear friend fill up the guns with paint and water to go with the gender. The anticipation was killing me once again. The time is FINALLY here!! Now for some fun!

And blast off!

My heart instantly filled with even more joy! Pink, pink and more pink!!! A baby girl!! I had a funny feeling I was having a girl, but this confirmed it.

We didn’t stop squirting our paint filled guns until we were all empty. Completely soaking each other, running around barely able to control our laughter!

I get to have another princess!! Couldn’t be happier!!

This is a moment I will never forget and will hold so dear to my heart for the rest of my life! I highly suggest this method for a gender reveal to involve your kids and make them feel like a special part of the journey.

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